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You Can Sew

How do you impact your world? Are you one of the dynamic people? Do you find satisfaction by turning out your own creations? Then you must be one of the excited people who craft.

What is your passion? Home decorating , heirloom wonders , clothing construction, or appliqu you can do it. You can learn how to quilt.

While most people practice their sewing arts as a hobby, many learn their skills and launch highly profitable part time or full time trade. The age of large textile factories in America is mostly gone , but the scope of custom services remains huge . There are many ways to strengthen a rewarding crafting ventures . Often it is as simple as sharing your passion and your products in social gatherings. A powerful way to attract customers is to wear your own items and let people know you can do the same for them.

A first step to success in your hobby is learning the knowledge and skills needed to makeand produce real quality products. Basic skills and beginning sewing lessons will give a person enough to get started, but the endeavor challenges can quickly increase in difficulty.

As you think of your pastime , ask yourself three questions: First, have you mastered your equipment? Second, have you mastered your planning, layout, and cut out skills? Third, have you mastered your finishing touches skills? When you can answer each of these questions affirmatively, you will have the skills to achieve your dreams.

Learn to sew by learning your tools . When it comes to sewing, one of the most important pieces of tools is the sewing machine. There are many different types, makes, and models of crafting machine and there are huge differences between what each one is designed and capable of doing. There are three basic types of home crafting machines today: mechanical sewing artsmachines, computerized sewing artsmachines, and advanced featured machines.

Mechanical crafting machines are usually low end, low cost, limited capability, machines driven by AC motors. These are aptly described as mechanical because the operation of the crafting machine involves levers, gears, and shafts.

Computerized crafting machines are mid range to upper range machines programmed, operated, and managed through built in computers inside the sewing arts machine. Instead of AC motors, computerized sewing machines usually use DC pulse motors to give far greater control, capability, much smoother operation.

Specialty machines, embroidery machines, combination machines, and high end top quality and featured sewing machines make sewing fun and easy. The thousand stitches and fabulous convenience features abound making the crafting experience a breeze.

There are many different makes and models today. The most famous name in sewing is Singer, however, Brother and Elna remain popular as well. Janome is the largest manufacturer of crafting machines and Baby Lock are known to be the best value and easiest to use. Remember your local dealer not only offers a machine in a box, he offers sewing lessons, maintenance, support, and much more.

Where can you get the skills and knowledge of your sewing artsmachine you need to be truly creative? You are in luck, there are many sources for help. There are sewing artsassociations, quilt guilds, books, online programs, crafting machine dealers, and formal classes.

You have a great crafting machine and all the tools you need. You know how to use them. You have even chosen your next projects . Now you need to plan your ventures . You may need to design your own patterns or use published patterns. You will need your materials and be able to lay them out so you can cut out the parts for assembly. The same sources of help to learn how to sew and use your sewing machine will usually offer help for you to learn planning, layout, and cutout.

The third area to master is completing the finishing touches of the ventures . While this is a very important, the entire process is necessary to produce good results. One might think of the process like building a building. The foundation provides a base upon which the structure is built, but the building is not complete without the finishing touches.

You can learn to sew. You can learn to quilt. You can enjoy a fabulous hobby.


How To Learn Sewing Machine Repair

What if a student could learn to become a professional sewing machine technician without years of imitation? To solve this problem, a detailed training course would be needed. It is a huge task.

When I graduated from college, I launched into my public school teaching career. I complete my masters degree in education, and served as a learning specialist in Maryland for several years. For over thirty years, I had to develop curriculum and lessons on many different topics as a minister. My education and experience led me to believe I could develop a quality curriculum to train technicians.

Sewing and sewing repair have been the focus of our family business for nearly twenty years. Translating experience into lessons, coursework, and practical curriculum is a doable challenge.

What content should be included in a professional educational course to teach potential technicians?

There is a vast amount of information involved in repair. To make the content understandable presentations should implement good learning theory. The course should provide instruction, application, technical support, and access to resources.

As I planned the curriculum , I wanted to provide easy to read instructional materials with many full color photos, illustrations, and charts. This led me to write my core textbook for the basic learning. I quickly discovered that sub-courses were needed to effectively breakdown the information into manageable portions. As a result, sub-courses emerged on basic sewing machines, antique sewing machines, sergers, embroidery machines, and business development. Each of these sub-coursed required its own core textbook.

Each textbook has a workbook to help the student practice good study skills including classic read, recite, and review activities. The workbook helps the student gain the basic content by reading, recite their discoveries by filling in the workbook, and reviewing the whole process.

How do people learn? Do you learn best from reading, watching, listening, or doing? To provide broad scale support for all these learning styles, this curriculum includes all of these features.

Reading, listening, even watching content presentations, I did not consider enough to assure success. I believed that practical application is also essential. With this in mind, a detailed practicum calls for the students to perform a dozen actual services and repairs on real sewing machines. The student acquires the sewing machines from various sources to give them practice. They take digital photos and submit their results for evaluation.

Evaluation is always a key concern in any course . Each sub-course has its own exam in addition to the completed workbook. A final certification assessment is also required to insure learning retention.

Reference and support resources are also an important part of the course . These make learning faster, easier, and more effective.

What does the student need to be successful as they study sewing machine repair?

Successful learning depends on many factors including: student background preparedness , receptive learning techniques, multiple presentations , doable application, and evaluation.

The student must be able to read and perform basic mechanical activities. They also need to understand the basic operations of the sewing machine. Since many would be technicians have never actually used a sewing machine; a special sub-course on the secrets of sewing is provided to the student. While this sub-course is not required, it is vital for the student to understand the use of the sewing machine before attempting to service them.

Information is presented again and again in different ways to help the student learn. Repetition helps solidify learning. The basic ideas are presented in print, pictures, audios, videos, workbook activities, practical applications, and tests.

The end result is a comprehensive curriculum with focused sub-courses to insure learning is mastered for each area of specialization. Students use their eyes, ears, heads, and hands to learn ingredients of the curriculum .


Artistry With A Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

A Brother CS6000i sewing machine includes an intelligent computer. The machine is very portable for your various sewing needs. It is flexible to handle fabrics of different weights. The convenient free-arm feature is helpful to sew while working on cuffs and armholes. While using and carrying the machine, you will notice how lightweight it is. You will also notice how quietly it operates and lifts easily to travel to different rooms. This machine makes light work while working on many projects. You will enjoy your time when you are sewing, making embroidery or quilting.

You will find this machine to be very user friendly. The bilingual highly useful manual is written in two languages. In-depth instructions are written in English and Spanish. It features simple directions and detailed illustrations. Beginners and experts will appreciate how thoroughly the manual explains all details. The manual allows one to find and explain how to access the various computer features on your new sewing machine.

Machines made by Brother have a long history of quality. The Brother CS6000i is covered with a limited warranty up to 25 years. Included with the purchase is a protective cover to use with the machine. Use the cover to repel dirt and dust from harming your new machine and its components. Properly maintaining the equipment will allow you to enjoy sewing on your advanced machine for many years.

Swirls, whirls, circles and zigzags! This machine allows you to express your diverse pattern designs in versatile stitches. Clothing designs complete your vision with decorative seams. Equipped with artistic 60 fun stitch patterns, projects will be enjoyable to complete while sewing.

The stitch width control is very sensitive to control the width of needle movements. Your creativity will soar while using different stitching patterns. 7 buttonhole options and the ease of bobbin winding offers many designer and custom looks to create.

To make your creative sewing easier, this advanced machine has many additional functional features. The LCD lit display is helpful to any sewer. The advanced technology of the LCD display can ease possible eye strain. While working and stitching, a lit display is useful when choosing and switching between features.

With all sewing and stitching, it is important to utilize many needle positions while using sturdy thread. When using the option to automatically thread a needle, sewing on all kinds of fabric with become easier. You could use any of the multiple foot attachments when you are completing wonderful projects. When basting pattern pieces or reinforcing corners, stitch length controls constructs quality garments. Enjoy working with the many machine accessories.

Extremely versatile is a descriptive phrase for this machine. It operates with or without the foot controls. For consistent thread tension, the adjustable dial control works perfectly. This feature is best used when sewing with intricate designs. From start to finish, the push button option completes all projects. When accuracy is important, sewing with the electronic speed control feature stitches quickly or slow. The Brother CS6000i sewing machine is a great tool to create masterpieces in fabric.


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